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Monday Musings: Magical Knitting and Christmas Crochet

I mentioned last month that I'd picked up knitting and crocheting again after a long break, and I wanted to share the projects that have stemmed from that renewed interest. First up, some fingerless gloves/arm warmers in the style of Gandalf. I made these to go with the wizard hat I mentioned in last month's post. They turned out well (and I even had someone pay me to make a pair for them). Here's the full outfit (with different long-sleeved shirts underneath to try out the effect of the greys). The staff is an actual walking stick I trimmed and tidied up from a hickory branch that fell in our yard a couple years back. I really like the effect of the hat with the gloves and the staff. I need more opportunities to wear this outfit. This picture also includes my Remus Lupin scarf that fits in well with the grey theme. A few years back, I misread the song title "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" as "I want a Hippogriff for Christmas&quo

Monday Musings: Dandelion Fire Review

A couple of months back, I reviewed the first book in N.D. Wilson's 100 Cupboards trilogy. Today, I'm taking a look at the second book in the series, Dandelion Fire . Dandelion Fire  picks up the story in the weeks after 100 Cupboards  wraps up, and although Uncle Frank has failed to follow through on his promise to seal up the cupboards once again, Henry has no desire to go exploring any more. While he's curious about his otherworldly origins, the aftermath of his fight with Nimiane of Endor has left him satisfied with life in Kansas. He could stay here forever  and be happy with his newfound friends and family. Even a strange dandelion burning away his sight isn't enough to keep Henry from wanting to stay. Unfortunately, Henry's adoptive mother has other plans, and has sent an official letter through her lawyer that Henry will be brought back to Boston after the 4th of July. In a desperate attempt to find out where he comes from and where he belongs before

ThrowBook Thursday: The Inkheart Trilogy

When I was planning out the topics for this month's blog posts, I had hoped I'd be finished with To Green Angel Tower  before this post so I could wrap up my Osten Ard reread series. Alas, it was not to be. Instead, today's post is brought to you by recent conversations that have inspired me to reread yet another series (though the actual rereading is probably not happening just yet). I've talked about my love of Inkheart  and its sequels in the past  but I want to talk about it just a little bit more today. Specifically, the five things about this series that have stuck with me and make it a series I will still fan out over today. Dustfinger First things first, there's this little gem of a character. At times a hardcore wise man and a ruddy coward, Dustfinger is one of the series' most complex and sympathetic characters. He is also the center of one of my favorite character arcs in fiction (it's up there with Zuko's redemption in Avatar:

Monday Musings: My Literary Twin(s)

I recently knitted a pair of arm warmers designed to look like Gandalf's in the Middle-earth movies. In the conversations that followed my sharing about this on Facebook, Mirriam mentioned that Gandalf was her literary twin. Several other friends joined the conversation, offering up their own literary twins -- the characters with whom they most identified. I was surprised so many people had given this matter some thought, and confessed that I did not know who my literary twin would be (I do however have a birthday twin who is a wonderful human being). So I thought about it. And thought about it. And thought about it some more. And here we are, with me still not having a single fictional character who is my "twin." I have many. Hear me out, though. I have dozens, if not hundreds, of favorite characters -- characters I enjoy watching or reading, characters I would want as friends, characters I identify with in small and large ways. But very few of those come close e

Inexhaustible Inspiration Year-End Survey and Art Giveaway

November is almost halfway over and I'm taking a look at how the blog has done this year. If you've enjoyed any of the posts I've put up this year, I hope you'll consider taking this quick survey to help me know what types of posts you enjoy most (so I can make more of them in the future). If you take the survey, you'll also be entered into a drawing for some Albion Academy -inspired artwork created by yours truly. Thank you for your feedback and your continued presence here at Inexhaustible Inspiration. Create your own user feedback survey

Top 10 Tuesday: Things I'm Thankful for This Year

It's November, which means everything Christmas Thanksgiving is upon us. In that spirit, this month's Top 10 is all about thankfulness. Let's get rolling! Albion Academy is published. There's nothing like knowing you've created something that's out in the world for people to enjoy. NarniaWeb continues to bless me with friendships, memories, and news about the Narnia films. (Yes, children, The Silver Chair is  happening.) I've been able to work on my art this year -- written and visual. It's been a blessing to express myself in these ways and to learn more about the forms. It's also been nice to just be somewhat consistent with creating. Samwise and Jeana (and our cat Pumpkin) continue to light up my life every day. I'm immensely thankful God has allowed me to have these people in my life. My immediate and extended family have been around a lot this year (I'm sure Samwise has nothing to do with this) and I've been able to

Monday Musings: Why Disney's Sleeping Beauty is NOT Aurora's Story

Sleeping Beauty is one of those Disney films I love to come back to again and again. It has beautiful animation, humor, and some interesting magical characters. But over the years, I've come to think of it less as Aurora's story and more as the story of fairy politics. This belief was only reinforced by our weekend attempt to introduce Samwise to the movie (he was about as interested as he is in anything not Moana , which is to say very interested for about 5 minutes and then sporadically interested when he wasn't playing with toys). Exhibit A: Her (In)Active Role This is something a lot of people criticize about Sleeping Beauty : its protagonist . . . doesn't do much in the film. She sings, she wanders the woods while the "dears" prepare a birthday surprise, she meets a man, she submits to having her life turned upside down, and then she falls under the spell of the villain. She also has the fewest lines of dialogue of any Disney princess ever. She si

Watercolor Wednesday: Halloween and the End of Inktober

October is over, and so is Inktober. Here are the last 9 of my Inktober drawings, along with a watercolor sign I painted as part of my Halloween costume (also pictured). I'm moving Watercolor Wednesday up a week this month because the months when first Tuesday and second Wednesday fall in the same week are always harder to keep up with blog-wise and because I don't anticipate a lot of painting getting done this month apart from Christmas gifts that I can't share until after they've been received. Day 23: The Kitsune Girl (Urban) I really had a hard time with this one, but I'm pleased with the fox tail. Day 24: The Anti-Vampire (Urban) Another character sketch from Ashes and Dust , this was one of the prompts I stretched the most, as the character I drew is actually a vampire. But given his role in the plot, I figured it was close enough. Day 25: The Cursed Knight (Forest) One of the quicker drawings I did for Inktober, this one turned