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A Resolution and a Psalm

Currently reading: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (I've been reading this for more than a month, and I'll probably be reading it for another two or three months.)                             Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson Currently Writing: Thesis revisions ("My Friend the Fish" is next up)                             "Joseph Psalm" Mike DiMartino, one of the creative minds behind Avatar: The Last Airbender  and The Legend of Korra , has started writing a blog , and I have been inspired to come back and make another entry here. One of my friends recently asked me if I had been doing any writing lately. Normally, this would be a silly question. A better query would be " What have you been writing lately?" The truth is I haven't been writing much at all due to my thesis defense later this semester (a little over a month from now). I've been revising those nine little stories and their introduction a lot, but my pen, pencil, and