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Inspiration Lurks Around Every Artwork

Currently Reading: Poems  by C. S. Lewis                                 Even This I Get to Experience by Norman Lear                                 The Golem's Eye by Jonathan Stroud Currently Writing: Poem-a-Day challenge for National Poetry Month                               draft 3 of Merlin Book 1 (previously SOMEDAY) Where does inspiration come from? I mean, of course, where does the inspiration for art (whether written, musical, or visual) originate? As a Christian, I believe that all inspiration ultimately comes from God. As Creator of the universe, He is the source of creativity and therefore its muse. That isn't to say that I think all art is God-breathed in the way Scripture is, but I expect it's a difference of degree rather than type. Tolkien called human subcreators because we make things, from tools to worlds, within the world in which we were created precisely because we're made in the image of the Creator. No matter the