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Carrying Peace

I've been trying to write this post for the better part of two months. But I never quite bring myself to sit down and type. This year started out with an exhausted and creatively weary me. I'd just come off of NaNo and the Christmas season in which I'd been in two separate church dramas with three total performances. I needed a break. And then the break became more of a hiatus. I did some revision work on Albion Academy , and I toyed with finishing There's No Place like Home? , but really I just took a break from everything. Then the Year of Major Life Events TM started rolling. We learned we were going to be parents, we started looking for a house. We had weddings and birthdays, anniversaries and funerals. My brother's wedding date was moved, and we were now both in the wedding. We found a house. I was elected as a deacon at our church. I signed a contract to have Albion Academy published. Oh yeah. That was the original reason for this two-months-in-the-m