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Visions of Dark and Light (A Star Wars Story)

My friend Izzy recently ran a short story contest (the theme being Star Wars). I did not win the contest, but it was fun to write something quickly for it and she has asked the participants to share their stories. I decided to do a little speculating in mine as to what Rey's training under Luke might look like in Episode VIII. This being a work of fan fiction, all characters and related terms are copyright their respective owners, etc. On with the show... On an unnamed planet far from the traffic of interplanetary travel, in the ruins of the first Jedi Temple, Luke Skywalker sat contemplating the next task he must set his apprentice Rey. For several months he had shown her the ways of the Force, teaching her everything Obi-wan Kenobi and Yoda had taught him and many things besides. She had strength to match that of any Jedi Luke had known, but strength without training could not save her from Ben – Luke refused to think of him as Kylo Ren, refused to believe that the