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The Path of Lucius Park Cover Reveal

When I finished my Master's degree in 2013, I had a collection of stories that formed my thesis. They represented the work of the previous two years, and I grew a great deal during that time, learning how I could push my characterizations and storytelling techniques in new directions with limited space. In the seven years since, I have seen about half of those stories published in anthologies, and I have written a few more in the same setting, largely to fill in gaps in the overarching story of the collection. Now, at last, I am bringing that collection to the world. On January 12, 2021, The Path of Lucius Park  will be available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. It is currently available for preorder on Kindle . I'm very pleased with this collection, and with the cover below. It captures the stark but hopeful view of the world I was dealing with when I first began the stories inside. I hope you'll enjoy reading them. John Valley is a place of i

A Catching Up: End-of-Year News

Greetings and Merry Christmas, everyone! May the hope of this season burn brightly in your hearts. I have a series of announcements of varying import to bring you. First and foremost, on the future of  Albion Academy : Portals Publishing, the publisher for  Albion Academy , is closing up shop. After Jan. 28, 2021,  Albion Academy  will no longer be available through Amazon and the various other retailers where you can currently purchase it. This is not the end of the Albion Quartet, but right now I don't have a solid answer as to what its future looks like. I'm considering various routes to publication, including a) seeking out a new publisher and b) self-publishing the series via IngramSpark alongside the Princes Never Prosper series. When I have a more definitive answer, I will let you know. Second, the third Crazy Buffet anthology is now available for purchase on Amazon . This is the series that my local writing group puts out each year. This time, my story is called &