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Autumn Tag

In the words of the indomitable Samwise Gamgee, "Well, I'm back." Sorry for the unexpected absence of the last couple months. I experienced an unexpected career change earlier this year and while the transition has been fairly smooth, I haven't had a lot of blogging in me. I've told myself to just take the plunge and get back to it, but it took Mirriam's awesome autumn tag to finally get me back here. So without further ado, the Autumn Tag: Favorite Autumn Activity Walking. I love walking in the autumn when the air is crisp and smells of woodsmoke and dead leaves and the promise of adventure. There's a certain kind of wanderlust that appears in autumn that isn't always about reaching faraway lands but sometimes just about getting 'round the corner. Favorite Autumn Music The Harry Potter soundtracks, the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, the Lord of the Rings  film soundtracks Spooky or Cozy Autumn Both? Probably more cozy than