A Catching Up: End-of-Year News

Greetings and Merry Christmas, everyone! May the hope of this season burn brightly in your hearts.

I have a series of announcements of varying import to bring you.

First and foremost, on the future of Albion Academy: Portals Publishing, the publisher for Albion Academy, is closing up shop. After Jan. 28, 2021, Albion Academy will no longer be available through Amazon and the various other retailers where you can currently purchase it. This is not the end of the Albion Quartet, but right now I don't have a solid answer as to what its future looks like. I'm considering various routes to publication, including a) seeking out a new publisher and b) self-publishing the series via IngramSpark alongside the Princes Never Prosper series. When I have a more definitive answer, I will let you know.

Second, the third Crazy Buffet anthology is now available for purchase on Amazon. This is the series that my local writing group puts out each year. This time, my story is called "No Entry Till Sunrise" and it serves as a sequel to my story "Fireflies" from the first CB anthology. (You don't have to have read that story to enjoy this one, but if you're a sucker for completionism like me, you can pick up that first anthology here. All profits from the sales of these anthologies go to support the Young Southern Writers group sponsored by Chattanooga State Community College.)

Third, I will be putting out a collection of short stories, titled The Path of Lucius Park, sometime in January. The date is still a little fluid as we work our way through the final edits, but I am excited to finally be bringing this set of stories out as a whole. This collection began life as stories written in my graduate program at UTC, and the bulk of them are those same stories polished up a bit more over the years. Several of them have been published in anthologies ("The Debt-Keeper" was in the Crossover Alliance's second annual anthology, and three others were published in anthologies from the now-defunct Oloris Publishing), but this will be the first time they've all been together in one volume, including several stories that haven't been seen anywhere else. As the day of publication approaches, I'll share the cover and more details about this collection.

Fourth, final, and most ongoing, beginning in January, I'll be a recurring contributor at Lorehaven.com. My column, tentatively titled Matters of Myth, will focus on myths, fairy tales, and general fantasy. If you know me at all, you know these are subjects dear to my heart and mind, and I look forward to exploring them with you at Lorehaven.

While this Christmas season may not be everything we expected or hoped, God's light still shines, his love still redeems, and his mercy is new each morning. May you all find peace in the midst of chaos and have a safe and merry Christmas. I will see you in the new year.

God rest you merry*, gentlemen,

Let nothing you dismay!

Remember Christ our Savior

Was born on Christmas Day

To save us all from Satan's power

When we had gone astray!

O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy!

O tidings of comfort and joy!



* That is, keep you merry or joyful.


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