Monday Musings: My Multiverse/Conglomeration-ish Thing

I mentioned on Wednesday that I had a couple of worlds populated with characters who might or might not have made it into the sketchbook. Since I've mentioned a couple of these projects before, and since most of them have Pinterest boards, I thought I'd lay out what the larger universe (or multiverse) looks like, beyond Albion Academy. Note that most of what's on this list exists either in rough draft or (more commonly) as ideas and outlines. So far only Albion Academy and some of the John Valley stories are published.

Our World

Or at least, a fictional version of it. Home to wizards, cyborgs, vampires, and a great deal of things that fall into the cracks in between. There are 4 main sub-series set here.

  • The Albion Quartet - 4 books dealing with Merlin Pendragon, magic, Albion Academy, and the Faerie Court; there are also some short stories set in this timeline, along with a novella about Robin Goodfellow; Book 1 (Albion Academy) is published; Book 2 (Albion Apparent) is in progress; Books 3 and 4 and the shorter works are all outline/ideas only, with some partial drafts
  •  John Valley - a series of short stories dealing with a place where death doesn't mean departure and teenage concerns get a little bit weird (such as finding literal skeletons in the closet or having a fish-person for a friend); there's also a novel set here dealing with characters not featured in the short stories but exploring some similar themes; the stories are all complete, the novel is outline/ideas only
  • The Shadow Quartet - 4 books dealing with a different side to the paranormal; teens who see angels, bring statues to life, and turn into werewolves feature in this set that has some crossover with the Albion books (mostly in book 4, but also in book 2); partial draft of book 1 complete, outline/ideas only for the rest
  • The Phoenix/Vampire/Skin-changer books: currently 1-2 books dealing with a more adult urban fantasy setting; one book deals more with phoenixes, vampires, and their conflict, while the other focuses on a group of shapeshifters who also appear in the other book; there may be some crossover with Albion eventually; outline/ideas only

Non de Velai, or The Elf World

The first secondary world I created, this one's had a couple of name changes over the years. I like to think of it as a descendant of both Narnia and Middle-earth, with a fair dose of Osten Ard for good measure. There are as of now 4 books set here.

  • The Elves of Non de Velai, or "the first book": chronicling the gathering of many of my favorite characters into a conflict that spans this world and ours. This has been written, in a very rough draft, and I intend to rewrite it with a broader scope, possibly as multiple novels.
  • Star Child: focusing on the characters from NdV and the trials they face in the years following the first book; has some crossover with Freedom's Redeemer; outline/ideas only
  • Ranger, Warrior, Child: the Silver Chair of this set, this book follows a girl from our world slipping into NdV and dealing with the final aftermath of the first book; has some crossover with the Shadow books; rough draft complete and in need of revisions
  • The Centaur Riders: the Magician's Nephew/Silmarillion of the series, this book introduces the conflicts that form the backbone of the first book, while also exploring some of the incidental history alluded to there; partial draft complete

Meldriesh, or the World of the Gifted

My second secondary world, inhabited by a group known as the Gifted (name to be changed eventually) who command control of the elements and/or elemental spirits. This is a world where the gods exists and can be met, but they generally prefer not to interact with people. Or be called gods. 2-ish novels here.

  • Freedom's Redeemer: 1 book in 4 parts or possibly 4 separate volumes, depending on what ends up occurring. Probably the most epic fantasy thing I'll ever write, incorporating many of the characters from the first book and carrying them over into the conflict on Meldriesh. Partial early draft complete, in need of a do-over or three.
  • Horizons: sequel to Freedom's Redeemer, dealing with the next generation in Meldriesh. Similar feel to RWC, but no inter-world travel; outline/ideas only

Outlier/Standalone/Too Much Crossover Books

These books either have no set place in the multiverse despite taking place in it; are entirely standalone (for the moment); or crossover so much between the three main worlds it's hard to place them in any given list.

  • Inheritance of Time: The conclusion to the whole thing. Crosses over NdV, Meldriesh, Albion, and Shadow series. The End. (Perhaps.) outline/ideas only
  • There's No Place Like Home?: My NaNo project from a couple years back, a cyberpunk-ish Wizard of Oz. Possibly a future version of our world. Partial draft completed.
  • Paper and (T)horns: Beauty and the Beast retelling in modern day; novella or shorter novel; partial draft complete; Possible crossover with Albion
  • Swanlight: Another fairytale retelling, set in an alternate North American-esque setting; outline/ideas only
  • 3 Kings of the Earth: Based on what I thought Lord of the Rings was going to be from the covers of my dad's old hardcovers and his description of them based on having read them 30 years previous; basically nothing Tolkienish about it; outline/ideas only
  • Land of Mark: A world where a person's destiny is literally tattooed onto them by fate; outline/ideas only
  • 9 Lives: A set of books or short stories dealing with a world that makes you live through nine variations of your life, with assorted villains, fantasy tropes, and heartbreaking character deaths along the way (don't say I didn't warn you); outline/ideas only
  • Untitled Treasure Island/Peter Pan/Little Mermaid Mash-up: What it says on the tin. Sort of a Pagemaster meets Treasure Planet shindig. outline/ideas only
  • A Novel Time: Doctor Who meets League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Possible future of our world. outline/ideas only

So there you have it. I have enough books to keep me writing for another 20 years or more, even if they don't stop butting in and demanding my attention ahead of the others (*sideglances at Paper and (T)horns and Swanlight).


  1. Ahhh, all these ideas sound so cool! I especially like your idea of focusing on phoenixes as a main race; that's not something I've ever seen before. And I love how all these storyworlds cross over! Do you have any idea which of these stories you'll pursue publication for after Albion?

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thanks! I've seen phoenixes done as a race once before in a cooperative story I was part of years ago, although these phoenixes have very little in common with those.

      That reminds me that I forgot to include the phoenix books have some crossover with Freedom's Redeemer.

      As to what I'll pursue after Albion, it will probably be There's No Place Like Home?, the first Shadow book, or Paper and (T)horns. Those are the ones that are either closest to finished or foremost in my brain when I'm not trying to hammer out Albion Apparent.


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