Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Art Wednesday: July Sketch Dump

I'm not calling this a Watercolor Wednesday because, while this post is filling that slot on the schedule, no watercolors were used this month. I do have some sketches for you though.

I intended for this scary-looking person's eyes to be closed, but even in a closer view, it still looks like a person with glowing eyes.

Lots of ear sketches to go with my pages of eyes from last month. Also a random Djinni-esque person in the corner.

More ears, a vague and poor attempt to draw a horse skull from memory (don't do it, kids; use a model photo), a French Elf (in the words of Mirriam "Rock that guyliner, monsieur Elf."), and a lady who isn't impressed by your shenanigans.

Another Djinni-ish person in the upper left corner, a faun without his horns, a pair of horns without a faun, and a man with a mustache far less fancy than Poirot's.

That's all for now. Tune in next Monday for more of the bookshelf tour!

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