Monday, July 10, 2017

A Bookshelf Tour of the Mossflower Library (Part 1)

You asked for it (well, some of you did), and now it's here: the tour of my bookshelves! There are so many, we'll have at least two or three posts in this tour, so if you don't see everything you hoped for or expected, stick around. It might be coming later.

[Disclaimer: some books got switched from the bedroom shelf to the library and vice versa and escaped being photographed. What's more, I did a small-ish book purge after taking these so the current library is not wholly represented by what you see here (to say nothing of the shelves not featured such as Samwise's books).]

These first two pictures are the As and the beginning of the Bs (including Barron, Baum, and Beagle).

I have a mild obsession with owls.

The beauty of alpha by author is that Austen sits on the same shelf as all these fantasy books.

Moving into the Bs with the Bradbury shelf . . .

No, I don't love Bradbury much. Why do you ask?

Random stack of books because there are never enough shelves for proper upright storage.
And now we see two more obsessive authors of mine: Burroughs and Butcher. (I still need to finish both of these collections [both in the sense of getting the rest of the books and of reading the books I have]).

Notice the Norse sagas supporting the middle stack.

We now interrupt the tour to admire the sheer number of books Agatha Christie wrote and published, of which this represents a small portion.

I'm still trying to read my way through all the Poirot stories, slowly but surely.

Susanna Clarke, Susan Cooper and Michael Crichton.

The beginning of the de Lint collection:

Yes, Albion Academy is on the shelf. No, I am still not used to that.
(Pay no attention to the Muppet at the bottom.)
The end of the de Lint collection (and some assorted other Ds):

There are stacks of books moving in and out of these pictures with every blink. Also, these Christies are on the wrong shelf (which error was shortly corrected once the photos were done).

SHERLOCK HOLMES (and friends).

Es and Fs, featuring The Neverending Story and the brilliant Thursday Next series.

Robert Frost and the Inkheart books. (Plus Neil Gaiman lurking in the shadows.

And let's not forget the handy-dandy Companion to Narnia.

More Gaiman (still shadow-lurking) and more Gs.

Also, the My Side of the Mountain series, which was my childhood.

The end of the Gs, and the end of Part 1.

Featuring Old Yeller, a book Disney managed to make even sadder on film.

Is this a kissing book?

Stay tuned for the next part of the series, wherein we'll dive into Hillerman, Jordan, and Jones.

See anything you've read and want to talk about? Chat in the comments below! Anything missing I should look for? Let me know that too!

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