Monday, July 24, 2017

A Bookshelf Tour of the Mossflower Library (Part 3)

Welcome back to the bookshelf tour. No lengthy intro, just more and more books!

This first picture is not from the alphabetical order. It's the short stack of books that's set to replace books from the bedroom shelf as they're read.

Riddle-Master is a reread, as is Beauty. The rest are books I just need to read.

The Ns, from Kim Newman to Mary Norton. (Notice the complete, chronologically ordered Old Kingdom/Abhorsen series. I still need to read Nix's Keys to the Kingdom.)

Also, there's Charlie Bone still to be read in there. So many series I've yet to start.

All of the Borrowers books, along with the Firebirds anthologies and the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern.

Again, I still need to read most of these.

Uprooted, Robert C. O'Brien, and more.
No, I haven't been tempted to reread Uprooted a half dozen times since I read it. Why do you ask?

The Crossroads trilogy, Auralia's Colors, and Ovid.

The Magic and the Healing: mythical veterinarian practice. Read it!

Ah, the Ps. Always missing their Qs.

One of these days, I will read Gormenghast. If it doesn't read me first.

Peretti and Peterson. The Oath scared me to death in high school.

And then Hangman's Curse wasn't quite as good as the film.

Poe, Pratchett, and sundry. Also, The Prestige, which is good in different ways from the film.

There are also a couple of Ellis Peters here. The rest of my Peters (both Ellis and Elizabeth) are on loan to Mom.

Rincewind just can't stay in his proper alphabetical position. However, there's mystery and heartbreak to his right. (The Westing Game still holds up every time I read it, and Where the Red Fern Grows made me tear up at the end, despite my having watched the film since before I can remember.)

The windfall will go to the one who finds the -- Ashes!

Percy Jackson, how can you mess up mythology today? (Just kidding. I loved these books.)

Riders is fantastic and actually uses the 4 Horsemen from Revelation.

Rowling, Rowling, Rowling. Keep the movies going. Even when we're done with the boooooks . . .

Please give me Fantastic Beasts 2. Pretty please with Chocolate Frogs on top.

We will pretend this is the alternate universe edition of Cursed Child, in which Rowling actually wrote the story. Oh, look, Holes! (Possibly my second favorite role for Eartha Kitt, after the tie of Yzma in The Emperor's New Groove and Old Lady Hackmore in Ernest Scared Stupid.)

Also, R.A. Salvatore was (one of) my high school fantasy addiction(s).

The one Sanderson book I actually have in print, and I haven't read it yet. Nor have I read any Sayers. Anyone want to pay me so I can stay home and read these books?

Those are collections of old Peanuts comic strips on the right.  Linus is my hero.

Schwab and Shakespeare!

Yes, I did type Shakespeare in my best Edwin Blackguard voice.

A motley assortment of plays, children's books, and fantasy.

Also, that omnibus of Dracula, Frankenstein, and Dr. Jekyll is perfection.

Snicket and such.

Have you read The Bronze Bow? Read The Bronze Bow!

The shooting script of the Hallmark Merlin series is one of my favorite books I've found (despite not having read it yet).

A lot of Stoker. So much Stoker you could drive a stake through it.

Sutcliff and the Edda.

Short stories, poems, and the only non-Baum Oz I consider canonical.

Tolkien may as well have his own shelf.

Oh wait. He does.

Tolkien and Turner.
Well. Sort of. Two half shelves make a whole.

The Queen's Thief. (I still need to finish rereading it.)

Joan Vinge and the Wangerin books.

The Book of the Dun Cow. Oh, my heart.
The Ws just keep going.

How did Verne get down here?

Dan Wells and T.H. White.

Oh how much the Disney film left out of The Sword in the Stone.

Charles Williams is the reason we can have Peretti.

Descent into Hell and War in Heaven will change the way you look at things. And people.

Tad Williams. Writer of books that are longer than yours. (Or mine.)

More Williams, some Windling, and Wolfe.

The Zs. The end.

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