Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday Musings: Why the DuckTales Reboot has Me Saying "Woo-oo!"

Disney has continued their recent spate of reboots with a new series based on the Uncle Scrooge comics and the '80s DuckTales cartoon. I've been looking forward to the show with initially skeptical optimism that has only grown and grown until, having seen the pilot episode, I am fully behind this new series. Here are just a few of the reasons why I'm loving this show so far:

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Scrooge is Played by David Tennant

While big name actors are not required for me to enjoy a show, Tennant was an excellent choice to follow the footsteps of the late Alan Young, who originally voiced Scrooge from Mickey's Christmas Carol to DuckTales and beyond. I expect we'll get at least a passing Doctor Who reference, what with one of the preview clips showing that Scrooge owns a clock-shaped time machine. In any case, Tennant gives Scrooge a pleasant mix of crochety old man, adventurous explorer, and intelligent businessman that makes him more than an animalistic parody of Ebenezer Scrooge.

The Nephews (and Webby) have Personalities

While there has been an attempt to differentiate the nephews before (see the TV show Quack Pack), this show seems to be heading in a stronger, more character-driven direction. Each nephew is given a baseline personality (Huey is the planner, Dewey is the explorer, and Louie is the laid back but "evil" triplet) from which to grow, and if the pilot is any indication, they will each have character arcs detailing how Scrooge can teach them something about life (and how they can reinvigorate his life and maybe teach him something, too). In addition, Webby is upgraded from token female character to a complex child in her own right, sharing the exploratory nature of the nephews and their uncles (Donald is a famous explorer in this version, too) along with some trials of her own (such as being desperate for deep relationships with others).

The Art Style is Amazing

The animation is modeled after the comic books that started the franchise, and it works well, giving the stories a pulp magazine feel while keeping the storytelling updated. We can visit Atlantis in a modern sub while learning about how to relate to our family members because it's an adventure story. And it works.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the show, Disney XD has put the pilot on their YouTube channel:

Have you watched the pilot? What did you think? What sorts of stories do you hope they will explore this season?

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