Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Watercolor Wednesday: February Edition

I tried a couple of different things in this month's paintings. I used paints from both sets I mentioned last time, and did two sketches on the medium-sized pad I painted Night and the Moon on. The third piece I painted this month was a quotes word art piece with some of my favorite literary quotations.

Hipster Tumnus was anachronistic before it was cool.

For Narnia, I discovered how truly terrible I am with eyes, and Tumnus ended up with sunglasses. o_O I did feel proud of my rendition of his legs, however. The background isn't half bad, and I was able to try my hand with the scraping textures again.

Mortimer and the door from Albion Academy

Mortimer turned out well, though not quite as I'd envisioned him. I think my attempts at texture fell a bit short, but that may have been due partly to the size pf the salt I used (sea salt as opposed to kosher or table). I do like the color of Mortimer's skin here, though I wish I could have given it a smokier feel.

The mock-up in pencil

The quotes piece is one I've been muddling over for a while. It's something of a line and wash (wherein the subject is penned in with waterproof ink and then the paints are "washed" over the paper). I'll probably try for a more traditional line and wash next time. My favorite of the little designs on this piece is the Cheshire Cat, who turned out perfectly. I'm also fond of the spooky old tree in the Berenstain Bears quote and the slightly ethereal swooshes on "Always."
The final product

Have you tried to work with any of these techniques before? What did your paintings turn out like? Have any suggestions for future projects I can paint? Let me know in the comments!

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