Published Works

Here is a running list of the novels, stories, poems, and articles I have published and where you can find them.

“Autumn Bones,” The Rubicon Issue 3, 2010. (flash fiction)

“Disney Ruined” and “Amorexia Nervosa,” The Rubicon Issue 4, 2011. (poems)

John Valley Stories

"The Debt-Keeper" in The Crossover Alliance Anthology Volume 2 from The Crossover Alliance (short story; ebook and print) -- Also on Amazon

The Albion Quartet

Albion Academy, Book 1 of the Albion Quartet, is available now from Portals Publishing. It is also on here. The Kindle version is here. You can also add it to your shelves on Goodreads here.


The following short stories and articles are no longer available from Oloris. I will be looking into republication for some or all of them eventually.

"My Friend the Fish" in Incandescence Transcendent from Oloris Publishing (short story; ebook only)

"Red I: Haunting" and "The Closet" in When the House Whispers from Oloris Publishing (short stories; ebook only)
 “Elmarch of Lindon,” in Silver Leaves Issue 4 (short story)
The Soul of Wit from Oloris Publishing (short stories and poems; ebook only)

“Controversy over The Chronicles of Narnia,” Silver Leaves Issue 2, 2008. (article)

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