Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Watercolor Wednesday: Sun, Moon, and Stars

It's time for another Watercolor Wednesday!

This month, I wanted to do something inspired by Albion Academy, though maybe not as directly as you might think.

Throughout the Albion books, Merlin uses "Stars" as his go-to exclamation, and at some point this will become the more encompassing, "Sun, moon, and stars." I decided to combine this phrase with the Colors of Magic: silver, black, gold, and red. I added an alternating scheme where each quadrant contained the other colors, not just its primary color (so the silver quadrant has a gold sun with black rays and red stars). (The moon quadrants didn't get all four colors because moonbeams just don't work that way.) I added some ink lines with a black fine point and a silver Sharpie to give the boundaries some distinction.

I'm mostly pleased with how this one turned out, but I'm a bit frustrated that the silver stars look so blue/purple in the red quadrant. Payne's Gray is just too loaded with blue to go on top of a red tone, I guess. I'll make a note to use a more watered-down black for gray over red in the future.

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