Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Watercolor Wednesday: Swelling Sea

For this month's Watercolor Wednesday, I decided to finally paint a picture I've been stewing over for months (since before Christmas, actually). Another Tow'rs-inspired piece, this picture takes its cues from their song "Swelling Sea".

The main images I wanted to include from the song were the Moon, larger than life and pulling on the singer and the sea, and the swinging "pendulum clock".

The rough sketch
Both of these made it into the rough sketch (although I did have to move the Moon to the right because it wound up too close to the pendulum at first). As I added some waves for the swelling sea, an abutment of land introduced itself, along with a lighthouse. Since the opening line of the song mentions a keeper (who I'd always envisioned as a gatekeeper or door guard), I decided the lighthouse was a fitting addition. It ended up being one of my favorite elements.

The finished product
I'm very pleased with the way the Moon and the lighthouse turned out. I was worried I wouldn't get them right (especially the lighthouse, which is presented in miniature compared to the overwhelming Moon). The pendulum clock turned out well too. But yet again, I'm finding backgrounds are far more challenging than I expect them to be. I'm not sure if this is due to my color choices, or the brushes, or just plain ineptitude on my part. Perhaps next month I'll find one of the paint-along videos on my favorite watercolor channels on YouTube and follow along with it to see if that improves my background.

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