Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Musings: New Year, New Books -- The Books I'm Most Anticipating in 2017

This was originally going to be a Top 10 Tuesday, and then I realized I didn't quite have 10 books for the list, so it's a special Monday Musings where I anticipate the books I'm most looking forward to being released this year.

Beren and Luthien by J.R.R. Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien

This one's not new in the sense of being new material so much as it is collecting all the previously published material on this iconic couple into a single volume. This makes me very very happy because The Silmarillion is amazing as a whole, but Beren and Luthien's story is one of a handful to actually get several mentions in The Lord of the Rings. Even Sam knows about Beren taking the Silmaril from Morgoth. Just saying.

Releasing May 4

The Heart of What was Lost by Tad Williams

This is a bridge novella to set up the trilogy The Last King of Osten Ard and follow-up the original Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. I loved the original trilogy, and I've been waiting for Williams to give us something new in this world for over a decade. While I'm not quite as interested in this book as I am in the actual trilogy that will follow, I'm still getting this one because it's Osten Ard and I need to go back.

Released January 3

The Witchwood Crown by Tad Williams

There's no cover released yet, so here's a set of the original trilogy:
The full spreads of each of these are even more gorgeous.
This is the book I really want to read by Tad Williams this year. We finally get to see what's going on with that pesky little prophecy from the end of To Green Angel Tower. Oh, and check up on the kingdom. That, too. It'll be great to see more of Simon, Josua, and the rest. I really ought to finish my reread of the original trilogy before this comes out. At least I have a few months, right?

Releasing June 27

Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner

The fifth book in the Queen's Thief series, this one picks up where A Conspiracy of Kings left off, and I hope that it avoids the flashbacks from its predecessor. Not that I didn't enjoy learning more about Sophos; it's just that Gen is the heart of this series and those sections were Gen-less. More Gen, please!

Releasing May 16

Seeker by Veronica Rossi

I read Riders last year as part of a box of books I won from Tor Teen (which I am still working on; I'm slow at reading books I win). I loved it for several reasons, not least of which was its use of Conquest instead of Pestilence as one of the Four Horsemen (which fits in much better with the actual descriptions in Revelation). I went to Amazon as soon as I finished Riders and added Seeker to my wishlist. That's how good it was.

Releasing May 16

Guardians #5 by William Joyce

As I said in my post on Tuesday last week, I'm fairly new to this franchise. That being said, I'm excited that the series finale is coming because 1) the series won't be left on hold indefinitely and 2) maybe they will all show up at McKay's now. (Seriously, I haven't read the rest of these books yet because McKay's never has the one I need.)

Releasing October 3

Nothing Left to Lose by Dan Wells

This is the latest (last?) book in the John Cleaver series that started with the gripping I am NOT a Serial Killer. I loved the first two books in this series because Dan Wells does a splendid job of making an emotionally distant teenage sociopath both relatable and compelling. In the second book, there's a moment when a subtle shift in the narration occurs, and Wells brings it around in the conclusion in the best way possible. I have book three on the shelf (yes, the bedroom shelf of to-be-read-soonish) and will likely be getting books four and five (and the connecting novella) sooner rather than later.

Releasing June 6

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

This is the conclusion to the Shades of Magic trilogy. I got the first book for free on Audible some time back through a club on Goodreads that is sadly now defunct. When I finally got around to listening to it, I wanted the second book right away. No problem! I had a free credit on Audible. Easy decision. Then book two went and ended on a cliffhanger and I'll have been waiting six months for the finale by the time this arrives at my door. This is easily one of my favorite new series of recent memory, though it is written for adults, so be aware that if you've liked some of Victoria Schwab's other books, this one's probably going to be darker and grittier.

Releasing February 21

Albion Academy by Elijah David

Ok. It might be cheating a bit to put my own book on the list, but I am beyond excited for this book to come out.

Releasing later this month

In case you missed it, I had a post on SpeculativeFaith last Friday on redeeming myths, and Mike Duran posted a rejoinder to it!

Be sure to stop by Amanda Bradburn's site tomorrow for an interview about Albion Academy and writing!


  1. Ooh, I look forward to what you think of Beren and Luthien!

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR THICK AS THIEVES. Yes, more Gen please. And more everything fantastic from that world.

    1. I'll try to get a review up here whenever I get my hands on a copy. I'm going to be hard pressed to choose between it and Thick as Thieves to pick up first.

  2. Beren and Luthien! I'm so excited for more Tolkien. Always.

    I need a Conjuring of Light... NOW! I read the first two back to back a month ago, and I just need it.

    I should also catch up on the Queen's Thief series. I read the first one forever ago, and I never got to the rest. But now everybody is talking about the new book, and I want to read it too!

    1. Yes, you should! King of Attolia is probably my favorite of the three.


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