Friday, July 24, 2015

Awesome Friends

My friend Mirriam has started a series of giveaways on her blog for the regular commentators: she's giving away a sketch to a randomly selected commentator once a week.

Yours truly was selected as the first recipient and, with her permission, I am sharing a picture of my prize with all of you.

This is Mirriam's take on the Mad Hatter from her Wonderland retelling that I was blessed enough to be a beta reader for during June.

Mirriam is just one of the awesome friends God has blessed me with over the years, and she's one of the most creative I've known. Reading her Wonderland retelling and another of her works in progress this summer gave me some renewed inspiration and motivation to forge ahead with my second Merlin book, which, as I've said a few times lately, is giving me grief. She's not afraid of dealing with deep issues and talking about the things that really matter, but she's just as happy making snarky comments and fangirling over Marvel (and Korean television).

Also, in case you missed it, this woman can DRAW!

As I said, Mirriam is just one among a motley crew of people God has sent into my life, and I'm grateful for all the mutual friends whose connections have allowed us to become friends. There's a special kind of joy for discovering that the friends of your friends can also be your friends and meeting people whose creative sides are different from your own. I think we become better subcreators that way -- by seeing the differences in our creative personalities and incorporating elements of each other -- much the same way we become better people.

So here's to you, Mirriam. Thanks for being you, and following God's direction when He said, "Subcreate!"

I'd tip my hat to you, but Hatter's taken care of that. ;-)


  1. I JUST THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO POST A PICTURE BUT seriously, I'm touched and you're awesome and thanks for everything ;)

    1. Haha! Well, I wanted to explain the picture, and that turned into introducing you. You're very welcome. Thanks again for the sketch!


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